e.n.o. 82 2.0 MW Wind Turbine from e.n.o. energy

e.n.o. energy offers the e.n.o. 82 2.0 MW wind turbine. This horizontal axis wind turbine has three blades. The rigid type rotor of this wind turbine measures 82.4 m in diameter and offers a swept area of 5.333 m² with a blade rotating speed ranging 9.8 to 18.7 rpm. The blades incorporated in this wind turbine are made of glass reinforced plastic and measures 40 m in length. This wind turbine comprises a Bosch Rexroth made combine spur and planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 1:96.

e.n.o. 82 2.0 MW Wind Turbine

The asynchronous double fed induction generators incorporated in this wind turbine produces a maximum power of 2000 kW with a speed ranging from 900 to 1800 rpm. The voltage of this generator is 690 V and its frequency is 50 Hz. The e.n.o. 82 2.0 MW wind turbine offered by e.n.o. energy is available in tower heights ranging 58.6, 80 and 101 m in lattice, tubular, cylindrical and conical designs. The yaw control installed in this wind turbine is of active type with electric and mechanical drives and a damping system to control the speed and reduce the oscillations of the wind turbine. This wind turbine incorporates a pitch power control with mechanical actuation to control the torque and rpm of the wind turbine.

The e.n.o. 82 2.0 MW wind turbine has a primary pitch controlled electrical brake system and a secondary mechanically activated brake system located at the hub. This wind turbine starts its operations at 3 m/s wind speed produces its maximum power at 13 m/s wind speed and ceases its operations at 25 m/s wind speed.

Source: http://www.eno-energy.de

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