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ALSTOM ECO 86 Wind Turbine from ALSTOM

ALSTOM offers the ECO 86 wind turbine. This wind turbine can be easily transported to difficult locations such as hill tops and inshore places. It is more suitable for use in medium and low wind places.

The patented ALSTOM PURE TORQUE design incorporated in the wind turbine efficiently separates the refraction forces experienced by the wind turbine during faster rotor movements from that of the pure rotor torque essential for power generation thus protecting the gear box. The ECO 86 wind turbine incorporates a rotor measuring 85.5 m in diameter with three blades. The rotor of this wind turbine operates in speed ranges of 10 to 17.21 rpm and offers a swept area of 5741 m².

ALSTOM ECO 86 Wind Turbine

This upwind type of wind turbine incorporates an electrical yaw and variable speed pitch control to manage correct rotor speed and smoother stopping of the rotor during adverse wind conditions. The gearbox incorporated in the wind turbine comprises an active forced ventilation cooling system and a forced oil lubrication system. The IP54 protected generator installed in the wind turbine offers 690 V electric power. The power control system incorporated in the wind turbine includes a variable speed individual pitch control for each blade and a wound rotor and power electronics power control. The ECO 86 wind turbine offered by ALSTOM starts its blade rotating operations at 3 m/s wind speed and makes optimal power production at 7.5 m/s wind speed and gradually stops its power production when the wind speed reaches 25 m/s.

For safety of operations, this wind turbine instantly cuts its rotor movements within three seconds when the wind speed reaches 34 m/s. The structure of the wind turbine allows it to withstand wind speeds up to 59.5 m/s. An optional SCADA system is available for accessing all the wind turbine data from remote for efficient operation and maintenance.


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