Save Both Energy and Money by Making Homes Energy Efficient

Antique homes may have adverse effects both on the environment and on personal finances. Old consumer appliances, shoddily insulated windows, door frames and walls, ancient heating systems and air conditioners are some of the household appliances that pose a hazard to the surroundings.

The Italian government has recently induced its citizens to revamp their residences and proposed a 36% tax relief for home overhauling in the year 2008 budget and these incentives are obtainable until December 31, 2010. House renovations should include repairing heating systems and replacing old heaters and air conditioners. Thus both the house and the environment benefit from these changes.

There are numerous approaches to make a dwelling more energy efficient. They include thermal insulation or fixing photovoltaic or solar panels which produce clean energy and diminish harmful emissions while easing overheads using solar energy.

Subsequently the next step in refurbishing, is to eliminate archaic home appliances, akin to quaint refrigerators and Air conditioners and other home appliances that pollute the environment. Buying eco friendly ones like inverter air conditioners and properly insulating the house prevents heat losses and decreases the energy consumed to cool and warm rooms.

These are the factors to be borne in mind when old houses are renovated or new ones built. By putting to use these features, it will soon become obvious that the energy consumed dwindles and funds are saved.


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