Moon Solar Panels of EnergieVair Generate Electricity Using Moon Light

As the cost of conventional electricity increases, many people are beginning to turn towards green energies and renewable energies. These energies are becoming more affordable, productive and efficient while being easier to monitor and install, for providing a cleaner planet. EnergieVair is a global supplier of both the horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbines along with the poly, moon and mono solar panels.

EnergieVair’s renewable energy products have become essential to homes and businesses. For example, the company’s novel 140 W, 125 W and 115 W Moon Solar Panels have the capacity to generate electricity day and night by even using moon light. Underneath its amorphous layer, moon solar panels contain a surplus microcrystalline absorber which does the conversion of energy pertaining to the red spectrum as well as the near infrared spectrum, thus facilitating a 50% increase in efficiency. Another example is the company’s invisible wind turbine that is wonderfully silent in operation with transparent blades made of polycarbonate.


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