Autogas for America Emphasizes on Propane Inclusion in Clean Energy Legislation

Autogas for America is an organization that champions the cause of alternative fuels. The organization is continuing to petition the Senate for including propane in the latter’s Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act legislation. Thus, it urges the Senate for including propane Autogas under the purview of natural gas meant for all legislation.

Prior to the August recess of the Senate, Senator Reid is hoping to push for a vote for the pared-down energy package that aims for altering spill-liability cap pertaining to oil companies while incentivizing the adoption of electric vehicles and alternative fuel. While Autogas for America appreciates the benefits accrued from natural gas for specific vehicle applications such as heavy-duty vehicles, buses and tractor trailers, it is important to note that light-duty vehicles require a more practical solution such as the one offered by Autogas.

Autogas, like natural gas, is a domestically produced clean-burning fuel while being considerably less expensive in comparison with gasoline. The U.S. market growth for Autogas will depend on various factors such as green-collar jobs in the domestic segment, cleaner air as well as a reduced dependence upon foreign oil. Out of the total $300 million given to Department of Energy Clean Cities meant for clean vehicle as well as alternative fuel infrastructure development, a third of the funded vehicles are Autogas powered. In today’s world, Autogas is being widely used as an alternative fuel.


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