US Photovoltaic Market Witness Increased Participation from Non-Residential Segment

Bharat Book Bureau, a company that provides access to compiled business information services, has recently brought out a new report titled ‘US Photovoltaic Market Analysis’. The report focuses on the growth of photovoltaic business at the national and state levels in the USA, while analyzing the current market trends and expansion possibilities.

The report appraises various important segments such as business, residential, utilities and details of data on cost of PV and the benefits, cost forecasts for various modules and facilities available for utility scale, solar projects and more.

According to the report more than 182 solar projects have received treasury grants worth of US$ 81 million out of the total outlay of US$ 271 million considered for solar investments and expected to add approximately 0.87 GW photovoltaic installations before the end of the year 2010.

The report details the growth of non-residential segments during the year 2010 that had witnessed a sudden spurt in the growth of solar installations with the availability of federal stimulus fund, easy credit facilities and tax incentives offered by a number of state governments. The report also mentions about the change in trend, of utilizing power purchase agreements (PPA) by various non-residential companies to make the solar installations lucrative and feasible for a number of years.


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