GoSolarUSA Planned to Tap 35 Million US Homes with New Solar Furnace Technology

GoSolarUSA has entered into an agreement to get sole global rights, for a novel solar heating technology that awaits patent. The company is of the opinion, that the new technology when introduced could transform the currently used method of heating homes with forced air heating by utilizing solar energy during the winter months.

Currently more than 35 million homes in USA are utilizing conventional methods of running heat furnaces by utilizing fossil fuels such as propane, fuel oil or natural gas. The produced warm air is distributed utilizing ducts in to the rooms.

GoSolarUSA is planning to introduce its Solar Forced Air Furnace with the acquired patent pending technology soon. The company is devising a new design for the heating system to compliment its usage with the existing, conventional heating systems for easy adaptation. The system will use natural renewable energy sources to swap the currently utilized gas or oil fuel.

Thomas Massey, President of GoSolarUSA, said that his company is excited about the acquired patent right that offers, the prospective to replace the usage of oil and gas in millions of US homes and save on energy costs. He termed the US heat market as huge and unexploited and was optimistic about the change the new technology can bring in to millions of Americans. A green energy substitute offering huge savings on energy costs.

Source: http://www.gosolarusa.com

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