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Hydrogen Fueling Technology Placed into Service

Air Products mobile hydrogen fueling technology has been placed into service for a hydrogen fuel demonstration project in Aiken County, South Carolina. The fueler is providing hydrogen for a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine pick-up truck which is being used as a development, demonstration and educational tool in coordination with a program involving the Aiken County Economic Development Partnership.

“We commend the Economic Development Partnership and Aiken County for its commitment to demonstrate the viability of hydrogen and alternative fuels. Air Products has been involved in demonstration projects around the world to show how hydrogen can be used effectively as an energy carrier for fuel cell and internal combustion engine cars, trucks, buses, fork lifts and even submarines. We are pleased to be part of this project team,” said Tom Joseph, business development manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products. Joseph said the fueling station will provide hydrogen at 5,000 psi (350 bar) to the truck, which will be used daily to conduct routine business.

“Aiken County is committed to supporting the development, demonstration and early deployment of technologies and products which use clean hydrogen as a replacement for increasingly expensive, foreign-based and polluting petroleum-based fuels,” said Fred E. Humes, director of the Economic Development Partnership. “By working with Air Products, we have access to the latest in vehicle fueling equipment and a reliable supply of hydrogen. The project team will provide tangible and visible proof that the use of hydrogen as a replacement for gasoline is feasible, safe and reliable. It is important we start laying the ground work today.” Humes added that the hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicle is the first hydrogen vehicle registered in South Carolina and appropriately carries the license plate SCH2 1.

Air Products’ mobile fueler technology is in operation today in over 20 United States and worldwide locations. The versatile Air Products mobile hydrogen fueler comes complete with fuel storage and dispensing, and can be transported from location to location to provide hydrogen fueling for promotional demonstrations or remote endurance testing. The fueler can be remotely monitored and is designed to ensure daily, around-the-clock hydrogen vehicle fueling availability. Last year, the mobile fueler was part of a separate demonstration program for fuel cell fork lifts at six different industrial customers in Columbia, South Carolina.

Air Products has more than 50 years of hydrogen experience and is on the forefront of hydrogen energy technology development. Air Products has placed over 75 fueling stations on-stream in 12 countries, including for mass transit fueling in Beijing, China for buses to be used to shuttle athletes and visitors for the 2008 Olympic Games. Over 45,000 vehicle fuelings have already taken place using Air Products’ technology. As the world’s largest supplier of merchant hydrogen, Air Products is a leader in the development of the hydrogen infrastructure necessary to fuel hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen internal combustion engine automobiles, HCNG (hydrogen/compressed natural gas) vehicles, and hydrogen powered forklifts, lift trucks and automated guided vehicles in the developing materials handling market. Air Products has an extensive patent portfolio with over 50 patents in hydrogen dispensing technology.

More information on Air Products’ hydrogen fueling station technologies and activities can be found at

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