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Range Fuels Generates Cellulosic Methanol from Cellulosic Biofuels Plant

Range Fuels, Inc., a producer of commercial-scale clean renewable power and low-carbon biofuels, has generated cellulosic methanol from its commercial cellulosic biofuels facility close to Soperton, Georgia by making use of non-food biomass.

Range Fuels employs a two-step, innovative thermo-chemical process at this facility that makes use of steam, heat and pressure for converting non-food biomass including grasses and woody wastes into synthesis gas (syngas) that is composed of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

The syngas is sent to a proprietary catalyst for producing mixed alcohols that are processed and separated for yielding various low-carbon biofuels that includes cellulosic methanol and ethanol. This cellulosic methanol is then utilized for producing biodiesel, which then finds applications for heating purposes, powering fuel cells in addition to being utilized as an additive of fuel in vehicles powered by gasoline.


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