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Used Cooking Oil Helps in Reducing the Usage of Fossil Fuel

Mark, a carbon consultant from the city of Leeds in Yorkshire, has shown the way of converting used cooking oil as bio-diesel for use in his family cars. This enabled him to reduce carbon emissions from the cars up to a staggering 70%. While his idea reduced his own fuel bills it also helped the restaurant owners to dispense of their used cooking oil without any hassle.

Mark, who initially had a problem with getting large quantities of cooked oil to meet his biodiesel requirement, solved it with a regular supply from an Italian restaurant located near his place. As per his statement, being an experienced engineer in the field, he did not face much challenge in converting the used oil into biodiesel by adapting a right technology and using appropriate equipments. While detailing the process he stressed the need for testing every batch of oil produced before its actual usage and cautions about the use of waste vegetable oil as it is. He is able to produce bio fuel that costs as low as 15 pence per liter much lower than the cost of fossil fuel of the same quantity.

Mr Dammone, the owner of the Italian restaurant, expressed his happiness to get involved in the project to reduce carbon foot print. He also said by getting involved in the project he saved his long trips for the disposal of used oil.


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