Hallin Marine Builds and Installs Tidal Turbine for Atlantis Resources

Hallin Marine Subsea International Ltd, a structured energy services company, has declared the completion of installing the AK-1000 sub-sea tidal turbine. The 1 MW sub-sea tidal power turbine with a large rotor is installed at the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) located in Orkney Island, Scotland.

Hallin at work

The company has constructed the tidal power wind turbine for Atlantis Resources Corporation (ARC), a leading tidal power technology developing company. Hallin has provided specialist services to Atlantis in designing and installing the gigantic wind turbine with cutting edge technology. The AK-1000 tidal power turbine erected near North Sea around Orkney Islands is constructed with a supporting structure that weighs nearly 1,300 tons. The twin rotor turbine deploys a rotor with an 18 M diameter, and two blades each measuring around 7.8 M in length and a cone with a diameter of 2.4 M. The tidal turbine with a total height of 25 M is installed in depths of 35 M depth.

The project team has inspected the location before commencing the installation for potential tidal power and strong current levels for increased power production. The team worked in close cooperation with its design team to design the components required for the project and to optimize the required parts at the manufacturing stage for better compatibility during installation. The company took time to install the turbines during lean water periods.

Source: http://www.hallinmarine.com/

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