Qatar 2022 Bid Opened Up the Solar Powered Model Stadium

Officials of the Qatar 2022 Bid opened up a solar power cooled model stadium with a 500 seat capacity in Abu Hamour Qatar. The stadium is designed to maintain its maximum temperature well below the FIFA medical committee suggested guidelines to prevent heat stress to the participating players and to offer cool comfort to the viewing public.

The traditionally built prototype stadium constructed by Arup Associates incorporates passive design ideas to react positively with the hot and humid local climate. The construction utilized innovative methods and eco friendly know-how to accumulate solar energy utilizing solar thermal collectors and solar PV panels and convert it into electrical power to air-condition the spectator area by utilizing porous ducts under the seats. On the day of the inauguration the temperature inside the stadium was maintained at 22.2° C even when the outside temperature remained at 44° C. For the purpose of providing solar power for use in the stadium the company has installed photovoltaic cells over an area of 800 Sq.m. The inner surface of the stadium is designed to maintain the coolness during the match proceedings to nullify the heat generated by the presence of spectators and use of lights.

The company also has installed a number of solar heat collectors equipped with motorized mirrors along with the solar panels to track the sun, concentrate the solar power over the heat collecting tubes with hot water to heat the water to the level of 200° C for use in absorption chillers to cool down the water to 6.5° C. The created cooling is then stacked away in eutectic tanks located below the model stadium and distributed to air-handling units whenever needed.


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