TEX-COTE's COOLWALL Provides a Cool 20-30% Savings on Energy Usage

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory of U.S. Department of Energy demonstrates that home users can save a good amount of energy by selecting the right type of paint. The laboratory and its other manufacturing partners have opened up four medium type of houses constructed utilizing energy competence expertise to offer increased energy efficiency.

All the houses are designed to utilize 55% to 60% less power than the normal type of homes built with similar facilities.

The lab selected Textured Coatings of America to provide the paint to be used for the exteriors of the homes for the project. TEX-COTE provided its special COOL WALL primer and top coat paints. The COOL WALL paint is manufactured to provide a reflective surface that can return back most of the infrared emissions and UV rays. The paint can reduce as much as 40°F heat within the building to reduce its energy usage and the costs spent. In the current Oak Ridge Project, the COOL WALL paint is expected to provide around 20% to 30% energy efficiency out of the total predicted 55% to 60%. The paint is available in nearly 570 shades and even the darkest shade provides a similar power saving competence of a white coating. The paint utilizes eco-friendly technology with low level of VOC, remains defiant to fading and lasts longer. Unlike other normal paints COOLWALL adds strength to the building construction and is even said to have helped homes to endure adverse weather conditions like hurricanes. Government agencies, educational institutions and corporate companies have started using COOL WALL to save on energy and building maintenance costs. The paint also can help those who aspire to earn LEED credits under three categories in the construction of residential complexes as well as commercial buildings.

Jay Haines, TEX COTE’s President and CEO, said that his company prioritizes the offering of eco friendly energy saving solution for homes and commercial constructions. He expressed his happiness to be a part of the Oak Ridge project and said that the project will demonstrate the capabilities of COOL WALL to provide energy efficiency while providing a good outside look.

Source: http://www.texcote.com/

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