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Algal Bio-diesel Demo Receives Appreciation from Algal Biomass Organization

The U.S. Navy has successfully tested the use of a 50-50 mix of regular shipboard fuel with algae based bio-diesel in one of its vessels. The effort received appreciation from Algal Biomass Organization (ABO), an algae industry trade association.

The fuel blend for the test was supplied by Solazyme, a member of ABO and bio-products manufacturing company. The company produced and supplied the 100% algal made naval distillate fuel also branded as SoladieselHRF-76 Renewable F-76 Fuel.

According to Mary Rosenthal, Executive Director of ABO, the historic feat of U.S. Navy is an important landmark in the growth of the algae industry in USA. He added that the effort of navy amply proves the potency of algae as a scalable and sustainable clean resource for the production of bio-fuel product which can increase job opportunities and the security of the nation. He commended the leadership of the U.S. military services and the Navy for supporting a venture that used  domestic energy supply. He further said that the efforts of the U.S military and Navy will work as a catalyst to the industry to generate biofuel from algae.

Rear Admiral Philip Cullom, Navy’s Energy and Environmental Readiness Division Director, said that the efforts of the Navy will lessen the dependence on fossil fuel from unreliable places. He added that a strategic and competent utilization of energy resources increases the fighting range of the military and the use of non fossil products ensures a range of fuel supplies for use.

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