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Key Members of Advanced Biofuel Groups Present Message to the Obama Administration

At a White House meeting, important advanced biofuel groups, such as ABFA (Advanced Biofuels Association), ABO (Algal Biomass Organization) and BIO (Biotechnology Industry Organization), delivered a vital message to the Obama Administration.

The message stressed the pivotal role played by the advanced biofuel industry in realizing the energy security for America, at the same time building up the nation’s economy with the creation of premium new job opportunities.

The previous week, over 100 members of the biofuel fraternity had conveyed their thanks through a letter to President Obama for his sincere commitment towards creating alternate, domestic yet safe fuels in place of imported petroleum. The letter also expressed their willingness to aid the President while his administration crafts out a wide-ranging, national advanced biofuels policy that takes full advantage of innovation, and assists in the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies, while reducing the carbon footprint at the same time. According to Michael McAdams, President of ABFA, the organization was totally dedicated to actively help out the President and the Congress, while they formulate the energy policy, with sustainable and long-term solutions in the renewable energy sector, including the biofuels.

BIO’s Executive Vice President, Brent Erickson declared that to reduce usage of foreign oil, the US must speedily develop and produce huge quantities of advanced biofuels. Currently, there are 65 plants operational in and around 30 states, trying to increase the production of biofuel and bio-based products. Both job and investment opportunities are available for research institutions, rural growers and industry employees. He also said that they were eagerly waiting to work in tandem with the Congress and the White House, for a national policy for the commercialization of biofuels. Executive Director of ABO, Mary Rosenthal affirmed that advanced biofuels continued to prove their veracity, quoting the successful usage of biofuels obtained from algal biomass in the US Navy’s Riverine Command Boat. Furthermore, a uniform public policy would usher in the much needed investments from both the private and the public sector firms to facilitate the advanced biofuel industry in creating job opportunities, national security and nurturing energy independence.


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