Proposition 23 Defeated by California Voters

California voted for clean energy in the largest public referendum in history on climate and clean energy policy. Until a day ago the airwaves were full of political slogans and ads designed to sway voters for this crucial contest.

Proposition 23 would have suspended all clean air regulations in the state until the unemployment level in California dropped below 5%. As appealing as that may sound as a solution to unemployment in the state, the people chose possible jobs in renewable energy as a better alternative to this solution.

California is the global centre for clean energy technology funding. The funds are raised not only domestically but from sources aboard as well. So if the clean energy and climate legislation had collapsed it would have caused a huge dent in the cleantech economy worldwide.

The oil and gas industry led by Tesoro and Valero from Texas, tried its best to push prop.23 through, but failed with 48% of the voters opposing it. However it may not be the end of the story as Attorneys general from Alabama, Nebraska, North Dakota and Texas claim they will go to the court if voters reject the measure, basing their legal arguments on the Constitution's interstate commerce clause.

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