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Energy Savings Solution to the HVAC Sector

Viconics Inc, is pleased to announce the release of the VT7000 series thermostats equipped with on-board Passive InfraRed Motion detector.

With soaring energy costs, commercial building owners are constantly searching for new ways to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing user comfort. Unfortunately, this is not always easy! Typically standard automation systems offer only limited centralized scheduling with event exceptions only. The latest Viconics VT7000 PIR Thermostat allows switching occupancy based on presence rather than on scheduling with the addition of an integrated motion detector. This new functionality now makes older methods obsolete and eliminates costly devices and programming which were required in the past. The Viconics VT7000 series thermostat with integrated on board PIR sensor, simplifies installation and commissioning, and eliminates a significant portion of the initial set up cost.

The VT7000 series thermostats have been specifically designed for easy installation in today's mid-market commercial buildings, schools, and other commercial facilities, which are controlled by unitary and applied HVAC equipment. Optimal energy savings is realized without the need for user programming by automatically switching between occupied comfort, and relaxed stand-by temperature set points when motion is detected in a room. Along with its network capabilities including BACnet, Lontalk or Wireless Zigbee compatibility, the VT7000 provides a powerful energy and service-monitoring package.

The VT7000 with the PIR accessory cover provides a key tool, which CFO's can deploy, property wide in order to lower overall heating and cooling costs in commercial buildings. The initial cost of these thermostats is offset by the shortened return on investment period they provide. Typically reducing the ROI from years to only months. Typical energy savings for PIR equipped standard programmable thermostats ranges between 10 to 30% per year.

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