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Solar Implant Technologies to Improve Conversion Efficiency of Solar Cells

Intevac, company engaged in solar, photonics, semiconductor and hard disk drive markets, declared that it has taken over Solar Implant Technologies (SIT).

SIT has formulated a novel concept for developing a dense ion implant module to improve the performance of silicon photovoltaic cells. Ion implant, an existing and established technology utilized in the manufacture of semiconductors, has been altered to meet the requirements of photovoltaic cell production to increase the energy conversion potential of silicon cells. The products currently available in the market do not actually fulfill the production, investment and proprietorship requirements of the solar industry. Intevac is looking forward to merge its patented Lean Solar platform with ion implant module provided by SIT in the production of silicon cells. Intevac anticipates that the new product when introduced will help in reduction of the currently prevailing high cost per watt of solar modules by facilitating increased production of solar cells with high level conversion efficiency.

Kevin Fairbairn, president and chief executive officer of Intevac, said that acquirement of technology formed an important part in the acquisition, He clarified that the company is looking forward to provide a complete process expertise utilizing its Lean Solar base to facilitate reduction of solar cell manufacturing costs. He added that the ion implant module offered by SIT is an advanced type of design that exclusively establishes the advantages of designing a new solution to meet the growing need of the market.


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