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Weltec Biogas Plant Receives DLG FokusTest Certification

WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH, from Vechta, Germany, has received the 'DLG FokusTest' certification from the German Agricultural Association (DLG). A key objective of the test was to check how effectively the biogas plant degrades organic dry substances and thus total carbon for producing biogas. The calculated biogas yield was compared with the maximum possible biogas yield.

The organic dry substance degradation rate amounted to 83.9 percent, and the specific gas yield to 81.5 percent. All values remained constant over the entire test period of almost 147 days. Following the optimisation of the stirring unit settings, a decline was observed in the energy consumption. The electricity needs of the biogas production itself consumed 2.6 percent; the energy consumption for the introduction of solid substances amounted to 3.77 kWh per ton of solid substance.

WELTEC Biogas Plant qualifies for DLG seal of approval

The degradation rate and the biogas yield were checked over a period from May to October 2010 in a 500 kW biogas plant in Wiefelstede near Oldenburg, Germany, which mainly uses liquid manure and maize silage for the fermentation process. During the check, the percentages of these two substrates increased from 65 to 90 percent. Duck manure, corn-cob mix (CCM), and grass silage were also used, though to a smaller extent. The amount of biogas produced during the entire test period amounted to 736,773 standard cubic meter.

The DLG test engineers regularly test product developments and innovations with the help of modern measurement technology and application-oriented test methods. The ”DLG FokusTest” serves the product differentiation and the highlighting of interesting innovations. According to the German Agricultural Association, the ”DLG FokusTest” mainly concentrates on testing individual quality criteria of a product. The test concludes with the publication of a report and the award of the test mark.

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