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Hitachi Plant Technologies Designs Eco-Friendly Solar Activated Air Conditioning System

The Solar Activated Air Conditioning System developed by Hitachi Plant Technologies does not require fossil fuel generated power for its functioning. It gets the required power to run the facility from the solar energy collector incorporated along with the system.

The design of the system allows the running of refrigerator directly by utilizing the thermal energy produced from the solar power collector to produce the required cooled water for running the air conditioner.

The conic bowl type solar energy collector developed by the company tracks the movement of the sun automatically all through the day utilizing the conical type reflector while statically positioning the fluid-filled heat collector tubing to the center point of the parabola to collect most of the sun energy. The company utilized computer stimulations to formulate the design and to maintain the focal point of the heat collector at the fixed level during hostile wind conditions. Hitachi Plant has purposely kept the design features and structure simple for easy handling.

The solar activated air-conditioning solution provided by the company includes installation of solar energy collectors. The company also offers suggestions for mixing energy efficient technologies for use in the air-conditioning systems as well as water treatment technologies. The solar energy collector also can be utilized for a variety of other heat resource applications.


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