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Fundy Tidal Tests 5 kW Tidal Power Turbine

Fundy Tidal, which tried out a 5 kW tidal power turbine between Long Islands and Brier in southwestern Nova Scotia in November is planning to establish at least one tidal turbine by the year 2012 and generate energy.

The company in November had field-tested the functions of a 5 kW tidal turbine by keeping it tied to the back of a fishing vessel. It conducted tests to check the working of the turbine in strong tidal currents. The company utilized the services of over 20 people for a period of six months during the testing process. In the testing process, the company has concentrated its efforts in protecting the equipment and in creating floatation, berthing and grounding features to hold the equipment securely in the water.

According to Dana Morin, President of the company, the company is planning to make further researches in the product by joining partners from the industry and the researchers to perfect the systems. He unveiled the plans of the company to erect a large 25 kW system for a relatively longer period of time to perform further researches.


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