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GE Purchases Next-Generation Wind Turbine Tower Technology from Wind Tower Systems

GE declared that it has purchased a next generation technology from Wind Tower Systems (WTS). The technology enables construction of tall wind turbine towers. The building of cost-effective and tall sized towers has become essential due to the growing lengths of wind turbine blades.

Wind Tower Systems has been involved in the formulation of the space frame tower system, for deployment in wind farm locations that needed wind towers with 100 meters or more in height. The space frame tower technology developed by the company is a sophisticated and optimized construction facility that can handle the distinctive type of stationary as well as active loads produced by wind turbines. The company also has been formulating novel methods for the purpose of shipping and erecting taller sized wind turbine towers.

The space frame know-how developed by Wind Tower Systems utilizes normal type of flatbed trucks. The Hi Jack system expertise utilized in the operations does away with the requirement of heavy lift cranes when installing tall towers. The newly formulated technology facilitates lengthening of the tower height to enable increased power production by the wind turbines.

GE has plans to erect a model of its space frame tower system know-how, to check and authenticate its design by the year end and is looking forward to making it commercially available in 2012.


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