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Everlight Launch High Voltage LEDs for Retrofit Lamps

Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. [TSE:2393] launches a range of High Voltage LEDs especially suited for use in solid state lighting integral lamps, aka retrofit lamps.

Everlight's new HiVo series comprises a 1W, 2W and 4W solution. The single chip LED provides a luminous flux of 80 / 100 lm at 48-55VDC in a color temperature of 3000 / 5700 K. The 2W product with two LED chips connected in series achieves 140 lm for 2700 K at 95-111VDC. The 4 chip LED with 275 / 375 lm for 3000 / 5700 K is available for voltages of 95-111V in North America and Asia and 190-220VDC in Europe. All HiVo components are supplied in a ceramic package with dimensions of 3.5x3.5mm for the 1W and 6.0x6.0mm for the 2W and 4W.

The closer the HiVo LED's voltage is to mains RMS voltage, the fewer the components needed in the driver solution. Because the HiVo LED's voltage closely matches the mains RMS voltage, the need for a converter in the driver solution is completely negated. When Everlight's new HiVo LEDs are implemented into an LED Integral Lamp the full driver solution is no longer needed. Only a bridge rectifier, resistor, and capacitor are needed for very basic operation, resulting in higher overall efficiency of and a decrease in bill of material costs for the LED Integral Lamp.

With saved space, more heat sinking can be added. Both the omission of often more fragile driver components and an improved thermal performance of Everlight's new HiVo LEDs, due to their ceramic packaging, result in better LED lifetime. Added space also allows the HiVo LEDs to be easily implemented into very small bulb applications like candelabra, mr11, or some mr16's where traditional LEDs plus drivers would not fit.

In addition to cost reduction and efficiency improvements, fewer components in LED retrofit applications also mean fewer components to be manufactured and fewer steps in the assembly process - which drastically reduces the carbon footprint.

Everlight is fostering closer working relationships between our R&D, Sales and Marketing teams to meet and exceed our customer's expectations in both product offering and technology. The HiVo Series is expected to satisfy the fastest-growing global LED retrofit bulb market.

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