Research and Markets Releases Report on Energy Efficient Buildings

A new research report titled “Energy Efficient Buildings" from Research and Markets discusses about the energy efficient buildings.

The report analyzes in detail about the various energy efficiency concepts related to residential as well as commercial building designs. It defines that energy efficiency in a building can be achieved basically by introducing competent technologies or efficient processes in buildings. The report indicates that location and the milieu plays a vital role in controlling the lighting and temperature in a building. The report specifies that buildings with east-west orientation with increased number of south facing windows enjoy more passive solar heating and use minimum energy. The report suggests that a compact building design with well insulated doors, energy saving windows with extra thermal insulation for foundation, basement slabs and walls reduces 25 to 50% heat loss from the buildings.

The report mentions that though the green building concepts began as early as 1960 up to 1980, the efforts were more concentrated on issues such as saving on energy and preserving the natural resources. It explains how the current day green buildings incorporate a range of building design concepts, construction methods and improved managing and safeguarding techniques to improve the living conditions while reducing the ecological side effects. The report points out that green building can be constructed successfully by making an integrated design, planning the required arrangements in the building with the consultation of the investors and  designers from the very early stages of construction and all through the stages till its completion and occupation.

The report delves in detail about the design components, current trends, challenges faced, amount of energy utilized in such green buildings, the need for positive regulatory frame work, energy policy act and energy efficient buildings. Some of the important companies mentioned in the report include TEPECO, Philips, Lafarge, Honeywell, Enermodal Engineering, EDF, DuPont, Comex and Actelios.


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