Cumulative PV Installed Capacity to Grow Rapidly in the US

RNCOS, a specialist in Creative Solutions and Industry Intelligence for contemporary business sectors, includes a team of professionals who conduct comprehensive studies and analysis of the industry with respect to its components and also the ever changing market behavior and trends.

RNCOS has released a new report titled “US Photovoltaic Market Analysis”, wherein it has revealed that the overall PV installed capacity in the US is expected to show a rapid growth mainly due to the declining costs of PV and the supportive measures undertaken  by the Government. Its growth could also be attributed to the robust regulatory support and also the acceptance, which it has gained in residential consumer and commercial segments. The past decade has seen a drop of 3.6% on an annual basis of the installation costs involved in PV systems making it highly affordable for its customers. This has also been supported by the Special Grant Program.

The research report indicates that the growth shown by the cumulative PV installed capacity would be almost four folds by 2014. the total installations were dominated mainly by On grid installations, which included security phones on highways & parking lots, telecommunications, traffic monitors, sensor power sources & data communication power, remote lighting & signals, inter-coastal navigation aids, and supplemental lighting sources for environment-friendly corporate headquarters. The report states that in 2009 the non-residential grid tied PV installations were predominant and they were installed in sites such as military installations, Government buildings and in retail stores. These huge premises need large installations leading to an addition of greater capacity whereas residences need only small rooftop or ground mounted systems.

According to the report, a number of PV Power plants are to be constructed in the Southwest and South regions mainly because of the availability of resources and land in these areas. The pace of development is very rapid in places such as the sunny desert regions of Arizona, Nevada and California. Several commercial enterprises and utilities were acquiring huge properties for building PV Power plants with an output of 10MW or more. The report also provides insights on the overall PV market in the US along with a state level analysis and information about emerging trends. Furthermore, the report sheds light on the activities of 10  US PV companies and also gives information on thin film and crystalline silicon production in the US. PV module cost analysis, solar policy and PV R&D budget are also explained in this report.


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