3M Solar Mirror Film Improves Efficiency of Abengoa Solar Thermal Installation

3M has recently utilized its 3M Solar Mirror Film 1100 in one of the solar thermal installations of Abengoa Solar and established its dependable operation.

Abengoa Solar, which designed and engineered the system, has selected the cost- effective 3M Solar Mirror Film to equip the solar concentration troughs. The turnkey type of solar system installed in June 2010 has been performing well surpassing the set specifications to cut down the energy usage for a hot water storage system.

The 3M Solar Mirror Film utilized in the installation is ideal for concentrated solar and solar thermal usages. The mirror film employs silver as a reflective stratum, which is ably shielded by a polymer film and supported with adhesive. The 3M Solar Mirror Film in addition to providing improved reflectivity to improve power generation will also extend the advantage of tractability in designing. The 22,720-square-foot solar collector area traverses over 1.7 acres and incorporates 160 parabolic PT-1 troughs. The water and anti-freeze mix pumped through the solar absorber tubes supply enough heat to a water tank with 16,000 gallon storage facility.

The solar installation during peak solar conditions generates over 4M Btu/h (1170 kWh) of thermic power to cut down nearly 50% consumption of the natural gas used for heating water. The system in its estimated life period of 30 years will offset around 13,000 tons of greenhouse gas discharges.

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