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ClearEdge Power Fuel Cells to Power IUSD Schools

Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) has signed a 12 unit deal with ClearEdge Power, which is a developer and manufacturer of the ClearEdge 5 Fuel Cell System.

The Woodbridge and University High Schools would be the first high schools in IUSD to benefit from the deal as they were to use the ClearEdge Power Combined Heat and Power (CHP) stationary fuel cells. Six ClearEdge 5 fuel cell units would be installed in each school to heat and power their swimming pools as well as handle the school’s normal power requirements. This initiative would increase sustainability and enhance energy efficiency levels within the IUSD, create savings of around $18,000 annually in operating costs, and also decrease by 37% of the school’s carbon footprint.

According to Dr. Gwen E. Gross, who is the Superintendent of schools for the IUSD, they had a strong commitment to sustainability, which reflected in all their operations including service learning projects, standards-based curriculum, new construction methods for saving energy and creating less waste. Initially, a solar thermal solution had been considered for both the University and Woodbridge High Schools, but was not finalized, as the roofs on both the schools had to undergo a retrofit for accommodating the solar panels. Dr. Gwen further mentioned that ClearEdge Power could offer not only a better and cost- effective solution but also provide both electricity and heat and reduce the school’s carbon footprint at the same time. They felt that the ClearEdge Power fuel cell solution was the ideal choice for the school and the students.

The 5 kW fuel cell utilizes a chemical process and converts natural gas into electricity and heat continuously, irrespective of the weather conditions. Fuel cells produce electricity via an electrochemical process producing very little sulfur oxide and nitrogen levels. A huge amount of the heat produced could be captured and utilized to provide hot water and heat. The ClearEdge 5 was the size of a standard refrigerator and includes a monitoring performance system over a standard internet connection. Utility bills could be slashed by almost 50%, as it creates power at the point of use.

Russel Ford, the CEO and President of ClearEdge Power commented that they were happy that the IUSD and its institutions were so committed towards the environment and green energy and for using the ClearEdge 5 Fuel Cell Appliances.

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