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Phytonix Acquires Global Rights for Innovative Biofuel Production Technology

Phytonix, an Asheville, NC-based company, declared that it has acquired the global rights for a revolutionary technology to generate ecologically-friendly biofuel that can replace the use of fossil fuel.

The company has created a biosafe bacteria capable of producing the fuel in association with a European University laboratory.

The newly created biofuel, biobutanol can be utilized directly in engines that are powered by gasoline with little or no changes in the engine design. The production of biobutanol utilizes specially induced photosynthetic bacteria and does not require costly fuel separation processes. According to Bruce Dannenberg, Phytonix’s Founder and CEO, the bacteria will assume the role of a small micro-refinery and utilizes a photosynthetic process to generate biobutanol. The process employs carbon dioxide as raw material and utilizes solar energy and water to generate biofuel. The patent pending technology introduced by the company will generate the required bacteria and stops its survival if it moves into the natural environment.

The new technology does not require arable land for developing the bacteria and the bacteria is capable of producing over 20,000 gallons of fuel per acre when compared to the projected 3,000 to 4,000 gallon biofuel production utilizing algae. The company is planning to share more information on the technology in the World Biofuels Markets Congress 2011 to be held in Rotterdam.


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