Reducing Waste and Cost Associated With Direct Mail

UAA Clearinghouse and GrayHair Software today announced the most powerful partnership geared towards reducing the waste and cost associated with undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail for Direct Marketing mailers. The combination of the unique resources possessed by both companies will allow mailers to reduce their UAA mail dramatically. UAA mail is costing direct mailers over $6 billion per year, and the US Post Service alone over $1.5 billion per year. In addition, over 6 million trees are wasted each year because of UAA mail.

UAA Clearinghouse maintains the most comprehensive database of undeliverable name and address records in the industry. This cooperative database is used to identify UAA records from mailing lists after traditional hygiene processes are implemented. The primary sources of the data are proprietary name and address changes and electronic return notifications (ACS). The UAA Clearinghouse database currently has over 22 million undeliverable records covering the past 12 months, and growing weekly. With the GrayHair Software partnership, this database will grow significantly with the addition of new ACS records.

"GrayHair Software is way ahead of the curve with regards to their ability to provide their clients a turnkey solution for capturing ACS records," said Mark Shada, President of UAA Clearinghouse. "The partnership with GrayHair is such a natural fit for both companies, and will provide a tremendous benefit to Direct Marketers in their quest to reduce the waste and cost associated with UAA mail."

"We constantly hear from our clients about their need to reduce UAA mail, and now with our UAA Clearinghouse relationship there finally is a compelling solution that has been truly lacking in the industry," said Cameron Bellamy, President of GrayHair Software. "From the outset I worked with Mark to ensure our clients receive instant savings with zero risk and zero entry barriers, and that's been accomplished."

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