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Saft to Provide Li-Ion Batteries for Hybrid Electric Combat Vehicles

Saft, the world's leading manufacturer of high-end batteries for defense applications, was recently awarded a multi-year follow-on contract by BAE Systems for Future Combat Systems (FCS), the Army's premier modernization initiative led by the Lead Systems Integrator team of Boeing and partner Science Applications International Corporation. Saft will provide lithium-ion (Li-ion) hybrid electric vehicle batteries for Manned Ground Vehicles (MGV), a family of hybrid electric combat vehicles for the FCS program.

Saft will provide a high voltage, 4 kWh battery as part of the energy storage subsystem for the FCS MGV family of vehicles. The battery pack will power hybrid electric propulsion and vehicle start and features a unique module by-pass that allows up to two modules to fail while battery operation continues. This very high power Li-ion battery pack was selected to meet the MGV program's Battery Pack, High Voltage requirement because of superior performance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

"Saft previously supplied batteries for the Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon and the first-generation FCS vehicle," said Jim Miller, General Manager of Saft's Space and Defense Division. "This contract represents an on-going partnership between Saft and BAE Systems and our strong commitment to the Army's FCS program."

Through this new contract, Saft batteries will support BAE Systems' Common Traction Drive Subsystem (TDS) for the FCS. TDS is a series-hybrid drive system that will provide vehicle propulsion, steering and braking, and regenerate electrical power from braking and downhill grades for use in vehicle electrical systems. The TDS team will join the MGV Propulsion Integrated Product team to work in conjunction with BAE Systems and General Dynamics to develop and fully integrate the propulsion system for the common chassis.

BAE Systems and General Dynamics, in partnership with the Army and LSI, have been working together to develop and field a family of highly deployable Manned Ground Vehicles that will be key supporting systems linked through the overarching network that will enable the FCS-equipped Brigade Combat Teams to be modular and multifunctional. This means combining two or more tactical functions such as assault and indirect fires, air defense, network communications, battle ground command, mobility support, and forms of reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition. Integrated design teams have been formed to develop and demonstrate the family of eight manned ground vehicles featuring a common platform design with common components and subsystems, such as TDS, with unique mission modules and all the variants linked together by networked battle command.

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