Army-Air Force Energy Forum Discusses Alternative Energy Usage

The two day Army-Air Force Energy Forum meet held on 19th July witnessed participation of the Air Force and Army, government agencies and senior leaders from the Department of Defense.

Panel together during the Army-Air Force Energy Forum, July 19, 2011

The meeting enabled the participants to understand the viewpoints of the army officials, Congress and industry experts in cutting down fossil fuel exports and in improving the domestic potential and supply.

Erin Conaton, Undersecretary of the Air Force stated that over reliance on fossil fuel energy exposes the helplessness of the state from the supply as well as the cost point of view thus driving the air force to reduce its demand for such resources and search for alternative sources of supply. He explained the urgency to create energy awareness and said that every dollar that is saved from the purchase of fuel can be used to improve the war fighting potentialities of the army to enable the sailors, marines, airmen and soldiers to perform their work effectively.

During the discussions, Terry Yonkers, Air Force’s Assistant Secretary for Installations, Energy and Environment, defended the association with industry and other authorities. He added that air force commanders are carrying out cross-service programs with their stateside forces as well as deployed personal to get better use of the energy resources at the installations. He also explained the investments are made for upgrading air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems to conserve energy and to make them LEED Silver compliant. He explained the practice of integrated technology at the bases to improve their energy efficiency and the intention of the Air force to add 1000 MW of clean energy capacity for its use. He also explained the initiative of the Air force in developing clean energy fuel sources such as biomass, animal fats, camelina and algae to cut down the fossil fuel usage of the Air force.

The plenary panel of the energy forum and its various sessions dealt with a range of topics such as movement of energy of the country, cyber security, alternative liquid fuels and initiation of energy management services.


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