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New White Papers Related to Photovoltaics and Other Materials Released By NanoMarkets

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has just released five new white papers available for download from the NanoMarkets website that address areas related to photovoltaics, conductive coatings, smart windows and silver flakes and powders.There is no cost associated with accessing the papers at The data for the papers was drawn from the firms’ ongoing research into market opportunities presented through developments in advanced materials and emerging energy and electronics markets.

Available Papers:

Smart Windows: Demand for smart windows, or windows with functional capabilities such as self-cleaning and variable tinting in response to electrical or thermal changes, will be driven by the green building movement, attraction to the convenience they provide and the potential for cost savings. NanoMarkets believes that the market for smart windows will grow substantially over the next eight years, becoming a billion-dollar market by 2015 and then more than doubling by 2018.

CIGS Photovoltaics: While, copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) has achieved the highest champion cell efficiencies (over 20%) of all thin-film photovoltaic (TFPV) technologies in the laboratory, it has not, however, lived up to predictions about is ability to compete with crystalline silicon (c-Si). However, recent capacity expansions, a dramatic increase in the number of market players and growing investment activity are signaling renewed interest. NanoMarkets, expects revenues from CIGS consumed in PV applications to grow from $613.4 million in 2011 to $5.41 billion in 2018.

Conductive Coatings: NanoMarkets also believes that there are growing number of newer opportunities for conductive coatings as new types of batteries, displays, lighting and solar panels that are begin to appear on the market. These newer product types will require entirely new conductive materials for their electrodes and help drive the value of the conductive coatings market to $14.8 billion revenues in 2017.

Dye Sensitized Cell Photovoltaics: Manufacturers of dye-sensitized cells (DSC) are shifting their attention to new applications where the capabilities of this PV technology can be better sold such as the building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) space and applications where the available light is limited. NanoMarkets believes that revenues from DSC sales will climb from $28 million in 2011 to $4.89 billion in 2018.

Silver Flakes and Powders: Although the market for silver powder and flake products have been buffeted by rising silver prices, opportunities do exist for suppliers able to offer customized high quality powders and flakes, value-added nanosilvers, and lower-cost yet high-performance silver-coated hybrid materials.NanoMarkets, estimates the value of the silver powder and flake market to be $8.7 billion in 2011 and expects it will increase to $16.35 billion by 2018.

About NanoMarkets:
NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities created by developments in advanced materials and their impact on emerging energy and electronics markets. The firm provides regular and comprehensive industry analysis of the nanomaterials, OLED lighting, transparent conductor and photovoltaics spaces.It is also recognized worldwide as a leading source of expertise for materials used in the PV industry.

Visit Nanomarkets for a full listing of NanoMarkets' reports and other services.

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