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Australian Company Launches World's Quietest Wind Turbine

Australian renewable energy innovation continues to lead the way with the launch of the worlds’ quietest wind turbine, released to market this week.

The cutting edge turbine stands 21 metres high and features a unique, intuitive blade design that is virtually silent.

The Eco Whisper Turbine is set to revolutionise delivery of renewable electricity supply for urban and rural applications, and is now in operation at a leading Australian manufacturer for viewing by industry, and energy sectors.

Eco Whisper Turbine

Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Ltd (RESA) an Australian Renewable Energy company and member of the Clean Energy Council of Australia, has unveiled the Eco Whisper Turbine the world’s quietest 20kW wind turbine in Geelong, Victoria.

The new Eco Whisper Turbine is an innovative 20 kW electricity-producing wind turbine that is virtually silent due to a unique cowl/ring that prevents air from spilling off the blades.

The Eco Whisper’s silent operation, and its ability to operate in a range of wind conditions, makes it ideal for urban developments, commercial sites and agricultural applications.

Currently on showcase at AUSTENG Engineering in Geelong, the Australian designed and manufactured wind turbine, has a number of advantages compared to comparable 3 blade designs, including:

  • Lower start up speed
  • An advanced ability to collect wind making it suitable for a large number of sites
  • Australian made generator and inverter, delivering more energy (up to 45,000 KwH per annum)
  • No turn away losses
  • Blades contained in a central hub to minimise birdlife casualty

Michael Le Messurier, Eco Whisper’s Business Development Manager said that the turbine is set to revolutionise small to medium-size renewable electricity generation and interest from industry is already overwhelming, with more than 300 requests during our launch this week:”

“The Eco Whisper Turbine is a huge advancement for wind power technology, particularly in the mid-size 20 kW market,” said Mr Le Messurier. “The quietness of the wind turbine and its ability to operate effectively in a range of wind conditions makes it well-suited for organisations seeking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and impact of the carbon tax to achieve the renewable target of 20% by 2020.”

Suited to grid and non-grid connections, the turbine is extremely versatile and has great appeal for commercial sites, urban environments, such as industrial parks, airports, community groups, universities, councils, ports and manufacturing facilities.

Agricultural and rural sites with a focus on remote on/off grid sites and diesel replacement can also extract great benefits from the turbine.

The turbine stands at 21m high and the blade measures 6.5 metres. The wind hub and blade are made from aluminum therefore are resistant to rust. If the turbine is placed in a good wind site it has the ability to generate 45,000 plus KwH per annum.

Australia has excellent wind resources by world standards and Mr Le Messurier believes there are excellent opportunities for renewable energy.

“Energy is a vital part of our economic development and our future rests with cleaner power. Ecowhisper Turbines offers a sustainable, economic and viable alternative that harnesses the renewable power of the wind.”

Eco Whisper Turbine 20kw.wmv

Eco Whisper were also recently a finalist in the 2011 Australian Cleantech Ideas Competition, where they were competing for the right to represent Australia in the international Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition in the US. The video interview recorded with Tony Le Messurier as their entry into the Australian finals is shown below.


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