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Mitsui to Invest in Tres Amigas Renewable Energy Hub - SuperStation

Tres Amigas SuperStation announced that Mitsui will be investing $ 12 million to acquire an equity position and also to partake actively to globalize their business prototype. The business model includes the CO2 emissions mitigation strategies, Smart Grid IT and renewable energy development and management.

The SuperStation is the primary Renewable Energy Hub of superior capacity though retailing of traditional sources of power will be included. This transmission hub is the first of its kind and is intended to interconnect the three key electricity grids of America, Texas, Eastern and Western networks by employing information technology.

This hub was coordinated through market-based dispatch via the Tres Amigas SuperStation with the aim of generating definite and consistent renewable power from sporadic renewable sources such as wind and solar. By this notable plan, customers will be able to procure a steadfast portfolio of power with the biggest constituent being solar and wind power. The requisites of various regions and the clean generating capacities inclusive of the customary necessities of the renewable portfolio of the state will have more chances of being integrated.

The construction of the SuperStation will take place in stages, of which the first phase’s engineering design is well on track and construction is planned to begin in 2012 and by 2015 phase 1 will be commercially functional. Initially, the capacity of power transfer will be 750 MW amid the Western and Eastern grids. Transporting considerable chunks of power from one area to another will be done by retailers and energy producers once the grids are energized. Access to regions that were previously unapproachable for their requirements will be available for energy producers. The SuperStation will offer larger commercial prospects and value-added services to irregular power sources such as solar, storage, wind and geothermal along with enhancing the fiscal, efficiency and dependability of the individual grids of the nation.

Mitsui will scout for business prospects, such as a transmission system with its setting up services and a Japanese company to offer system incorporation service, which will offer meticulous services and delivering a battery management system. By this project presented as the first “Renewable Energy Market Hub” in the U.S., Mitsui aims to accrue the expertise on RE business, Smart Grid business and Distribution and Accommodation of the Electricity by employing Information Technology and to spread this business model to Japan and other countries.


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