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Mass Megawatts Wind Power Sells the First Wind-Powered Water Pump in Colorado

Mass Megawatts Wind Power has announced that it has delivered the first wind-powered water pump system to a company in Colorado. The construction of the initial unit has been completed.

A view of the blades inside the augmenter. The production wind power units will have horizontal (propeller) blades

This wind-powered water pump is a cost effective solution for various water pumping needs on farms and ranches spread over the central plains of the United States.

The wind-powered wind pump was developed completely by Mass Megawatts, the cost of which is much less when compared to the conventional pumps available in the market, such as those that are powered by diesel generators. Water pumps are mostly used for agricultural purposes like irrigation and also in ranches for pumping water to the livestock located in faraway places. The technology on which the pumps are based on is the patented wind augmenter technology devised by Mass Megawatts. This technology makes use of the wind velocity and augments it to operate a wind turbine. This increase in wind velocity provides sufficient torque which aids various mechanical applications. The wind-powered pump is capable of operating with high efficiency even in the absence of high towers or complex technologies. The off-shelf parts utilised by the system are capable of working even at locations with low-wind power, requiring minimum maintenance. Mass Megawatts is currently working for providing the manufacturing unit at Colorado with additional wind power.


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