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Large Number of Landholders Approach CO2 Australia to Establish Carbon Sinks

CO2 Australia, a pioneer in the establishment and management of major commercial reforestation projects in Australia, announced that there is a 681% increase in the number of landholders exploring carbon sink opportunities.

This massive increase attributes to the launch of Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) in 2011. Several landowners are enquiring with CO2 Australia about registering existing sites to achieve carbon credits for the CFI.

Mark Ritchie, land acquisition manager at CO2 Australia, stated that this high interest level is highly beneficial for the growing carbon industry in Australia. In addition, it shows that landholders have understood the importance of carbon sinks, which enhance the landscape and farm productivity. Carbon sinks reduce wind erosion, salinity and waterlogging and offer excellent shelter for livestock.

CO2 Australia is the country’s largest provider of carbon sink plantings and manages over 22,000 hectares of plantings across Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales (NSW). Hence, collaboration with CO2 Australia provides several benefits to the farmers.

Majority of CO2 Australia's carbon sink plantings comprise a small series of mallee tree species. These species can resist fire and have a long lifetime. Since mallee trees can grow again after a fire, any carbon loss is only temporary.

Landowners are allowed to take part in carbon reduction programs like reducing on-farm emissions, enhancing soil carbon and planting trees through CFI.


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