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Excelsior JET Embedded Boosts Wind Turbine Analysis in Arctic Conditions

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark have worked on a new project to find out the effect of merging renewable wind energy with current diesel generators in small towns with separate electrical grids.

However, the researchers required a low-cost and reliable technique to study the information both in real-time and historically. They enlisted the help of Lagoni Engineering, who in turn sought out Excelsior LLC.

Upgrading hardware in arctic conditions was not possible and this prompted Lagoni to look for performance enhancements within the present platform.

Lagoni Engineering’ Director, Thomas Olsen informed that they were searching for a way to minimize the hardware requirements and the expenditure related with traditional Java, which powers their datalogger called Monatar. Monatar is an integrated energy-monitoring device designed for wind turbine analysis. It features a Web server that offers the user interface for the researchers. Excelsior JET Embedded, an ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler and a certified Java SE Embedded runtime (JVM), powered and increased the Monatar’s performance in Greenland’s extreme winter conditions.

Excelsior JET Embedded also provided a 60% enhancement on JVM's disk footprint size, a 45% enhancement on Oracle's JVM start-up, and between 15% and 30% enhancement on JVM response. In addition, Excelsior JET Embedded made the Monatar application impractical to reverse engineer.

Simple software upgrades were important because of unstable satellite connection and remote location. Excelsior JET Embedded excelled here as well. An Excelsior update includes a single file transfer instead of numerous files needed for other Java native compilers.


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