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BASF Releases Video on the Importance of Chemical Solutions in Wind Turbines

BASF, a chemical company, has launched a new film titled, ‘Perpetual Motion on the Skyline,’ which demonstrates the use of innovative chemical solutions in next-generation wind turbines.

The video also delivers insights into the operations Enercon is involved in, Enercon being a German-based wind turbine manufacturer and a BASF customer.

BASF’s chemistry plays a major role in the application of a wide range of products and solutions in the production of wind turbine components. Few examples are lubricants for gearboxes; special concrete additives or grouting mortars for the manufacturing of ultra-high strength towers and foundations; foams for the inner strengthening of rotor blades; coatings for turbine blades; and epoxy systems for strong fiber-reinforced components.

Wind turbines are subjected to high stresses and strains under various conditions. When the wind speeds increase to about 300 km/h, much higher forces act on the entire facility. The forces can bend the tips of the blades. Additionally, weather conditions like heat, rain and snow and UV radiation can produce an impact on the wind plants. Wind facility operators anticipate that a wind turbine will last for over 20 years. Torben Jensen, BASF Industry’s Focus Team Wind Energy’s spokesperson, remarked that BASF can help meet the life span requirement, while enabling the production and operation of the turbines in a more efficient and economical manner.


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