IBM and ZSE to Develop Green Highway Between Bratislava and Vienna

IBM Slovakia, which is focusing on smart grids, has collaborated with an electricity supplier in Slovakia, Zapadoslovenska energetika (ZSE), to conduct a feasibility study on smart energy, which will facilitate Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, to be prepared for using electric vehicles (EVs).

The study will be conducted using e-mobility technology that will aid in determining the potential for setting up a green highway between the cities Bratislava, Slovakia and Vienna, Austria. On the highway, public charging stations for EVs will be set up.

The study is an element of VIenna BRATislava E-mobility (VIBRATe') pilot project. The aim of the project is to reduce carbon emissions by employing transport systems that use energy efficiently. In fact, a combustion engine generates approximately 45 kg of CO2 annually while traveling from Bratislava to Vienna route.

IBM and ZSE are exploring the places for charging stations to provide fast and normal charging throughout the borders. They are also examining the network accessibility. This approach will help ZSE to set up charging stations at customer-convenient locations without disturbing the distribution system.

ZSE is focusing on this project to detect resources for alternative energy, to make sure whether power is distributed reliably, and to bring in customers’; involvement. Customers can save significant cost and energy once this project is executed. Moreover, during peak charging times, power stations can control the power load on the grid. In addition, energy suppliers will be able to stock energy, which can be used during non-availability of natural energy sources.


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