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MiserWare’s Granola Enterprise Software Evaluates Carbon Footprint

Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering’s subsidiary company, MiserWare has introduced a free product, through which carbon footprint based on total power usage can be evaluated by companies or individuals.

Kirk Cameron, associate professor of computer science in Virginia Tech's College of Engineering, is launching a free product that allows companies or individuals to measure their carbon footprint in terms of total power usage.

Kirk W. Cameron, MiserWare Chief Executive Officer, said that due to the requests and demands of datacenter and enterprise clients, Granola Enterprise 5.0 has now been re-designed. It has been modified to enable organizations to instantly incorporate their IT infrastructure with the baseline power consumption. This novel product will enable organizations to have an easy and instant energy footprint analysis of their datacenter, laptops and PCs, eliminating the requirement of costly hardware.

Granola Enterprise provides advanced features for energy-conservation and also offers expanded measurement capabilities.

According to the co-founder and VP of engineering, Joseph Turner, unlike the energy-saving methods in other products, Granola Enterprise enables up to 35% more energy-conservation while the system is under operation, without affecting its performance. Due to its multiple-features, this software has been used for a wide range of operations such as office PCs, critical datacenter environments, and mobile workforces.

Cameron further added that there are several clients who implement this software for evaluating and minimizing IT carbon footprints, which include the U.S. National Geospatial Agency, the Virginia Tech and the University of California at Santa Barbara.

With MiserWare’s Granola Enterprise, firms can both detect and eliminate energy expenditure in their computers. In addition, MiserWare has developed the free energy management software, Granola Personal.



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