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Sealed Air Selects Cardia Biohybrid Sustainable Resin For Fill-Air R5 Inflatable Packaging

Cardia Bioplastics is pleased to announce that it will supply Sealed Air Corporation, an international and leading packaging company, with its Biohybrid™ sustainable resin to produce Sealed Air’s innovative Fill-Air R5 inflatable packaging.

For commercial reasons the financial details of the supply remain confidential, however the Directors of Cardia Bioplastics consider that the supply will materially contribute to Cardia’s sales revenues. Sealed Air is a U.S. packaging leader generating revenue of $8.1 billion in 2011 with approximately 26,300 employees, serving customers in 175 countries. Cardia and Sealed Air have jointly developed the new Fill-Air R5 inflatable packaging. The supply of Cardia Biohybrid™ resin follows successful conclusion of extended “in market trials”.

Sealed Air Fill-Air R5 Inflatable Packaging. Image Credit: Cardia Bioplastics

The new Fill-Air R5 film is designed for use on the Sealed Air Fill-Air 2000 and Fill-Air Cyclone packaging systems to quickly create air-filled cushions for void-fill applications to protect goods during transport. Sealed Air Fill-Air R5 Inflatable Packaging Working closely with the Sealed-Air team, Cardia contributed to making Sealed Air’s commitment to the “five R’s” (renewable source, recycled content, reduce material, reuse, and recycled) a reality.

Following the announcement by Nestlé S.A. in 2011, Sealed Air is another example of a major market leader using Cardia’s Biohybrid™ technology with the objective of delivering innovative >sustainable and renewable products and packaging solutions that reduce the reliance on oil whilst maintaining product performance. Sealed Air’s decision to work with Cardia is a significant further endorsement of Cardia’s proprietary Biohybrid™ resin technology tailored for the plastics packaging industry.

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