Organic Clothing Producer Moves to New Facility

Natural Clothing Company has announced the opening of its new shop located at the First Street in Snohomish, WA. The opening is being held from July 6-8.

The organizer of the "Earth Day in Snohomish," Alina Bartell, owns the Natural Clothing Company.

The company had previously been located at a smaller location and has now moved to the Riverside Plaza. It provides organic fashion clothing products made from a variety of fibers including soy and bamboo, which are newer fibers, and organic cotton, linen, and hemp which have been used from time immemorial.

Nylon or polyester are non-renewable fibers, while clothes derived from plants, such as hemp and linen are renewable. They are biodegradable and eco-friendly. They have a long life and they can be degraded in compost after use. Alina states that this is sustainability.

Natural clothing sources such as linen and hemp are some of the oldest sources of clothing. They are still being used and have a great future. Conventional fabrics may harm peoples' skin as many chemicals may be sprayed on the fabric.

Snohomish has rich agricultural traditions and the people are interested in organic clothing. They are aware of the need for safe alternatives to harmful conventional fabrics.

The Natural Clothing Company has been selling its products online for more than four years. At the opening event it will be introducing organic fair trade clothing designed in Paris.



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