Program to Study Operating Success of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

EnerSys, the world's largest industrial battery company, through its Modular Energy Devices (ModEnergy) subsidiary, has teamed with Quebec's Laval University and Canada's largest cooperative financial group, Desjardins, to conduct a trial program in Quebec City to study community acceptance and operating success of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs).

Starting in the Spring of 2008, the multidisciplinary team will spearhead a technical, financial and market based effort to bring the environmental and economic advantages of PHEVs to mainstream markets. If the pilot study is a success, the project will integrate between 10 and 50 PHEVs into Quebec City streets, giving the partners strategic, real-world knowledge about the viability and potential of the market.

The PHEVs will be owned and operated by individuals in the community during the expected four year test period. ModEnergy will supply lithium ion (Li-Ion) battery packs and controls to Laval University and work with them to optimize performance and durability for evaluation by members of the team and the Quebec City community. Desjardins and Laval University's business school are working together to design innovative financial contracts, which, for example, could encourage the commercialization of this type of environment-friendly technology and its accessibility to consumers.

John Craig, chairman, president and CEO of EnerSys, said "We believe that we have a unique and cost effective approach to meet the PHEV's energy storage requirements. We are excited about participating in this program and are optimistic that it will demonstrate the viability of PHEVs. Based upon the results of the program, EnerSys will be prepared to marshal its global capabilities to strive for further advances to allow for the practical implementation of PHEVs to realize their economic and environmental benefits."

"This program will provide a real world field test for the ModEnergy's Redundant Cell Array Technology (RedCAT) while integrating PHEVs in the community," said Steve Eaves, VP of Technology and founder of ModEnergy. "RedCAT offers unique cost, reliability and safety advantages to help bring the promise of Li-Ion batteries and PHEVs to our transportation needs and thus take a step towards meeting clean air goals."

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