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Southeast Asian Telecom Networks to Deploy Ballard Fuel Cell Power Generation Systems

Ballard Power Systems, a provider of clean energy fuel cell products for optimizing power systems, has received initial purchase orders for 102 fuel cell power generation systems. The products are to be deployed in telecom networks across Southeast Asia.

Ballard receives PO's for complete range of fuel cell power generation products (CNW Group/Ballard Power Systems Inc.)

Cascadiant, the Southeast Asian distributor of Ballard is to receive the fuel cell power generation systems. Ballard had recently acquired certain assets such as distributor agreements, customer contracts and product lines from IdaTech. Earlier, Ballard had been providing 1020ACS fuel cell stacks for IdaTech systems, since IdaTech has demonstrated the commercial potential of its direct methanol and hydrogen fuelled products and has built significant market relationships and developed markets.

The President and CEO of Ballard, John Sheridan, stated that the acquisition provided strategic as well as financial benefits to the company. The methanol fuelled systems along with customer and distributor relationships will allow it to offer a comprehensive group of fuel cell power generation products. The acquisition will help Ballard financially in terms of revenue, cash flow and EBITDA.

The 102 fuel cell power generation systems are to be used as cost-effective backup power for two wireless telecom networks in Indonesia. ELECTRAgen fuel cell power generation systems are more environmentally-friendly when compared to diesel generator or lead acid battery backup power solutions. Among these systems, the direct hydrogen ELECTRAgen-H2 systems are to be used as 'short duration runtime backup power.' ELECTRAgen-ME systems that are fuelled by methanol are to be used for addressing 'extended duration runtime backup power' requirements.


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