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Bokashicycle Releases New Food Waste Fermenting Machine

Bokashicycle has declared the launch of a new food waste pulverizing machine effective for being used to grate and grind food waste. The shredded food will be dispensed to a 55-gal barrel or similar container.

Food waste recycling benefits country clubs, restaurants, casinos, farmers, and schools that intend conserving waste disposal expenses.

The Bokashicycle Food Waste Pulverizer receives power from any 220-V standard outlet. An attached step-platform has been equipped to its dynamic 3-HP machine for direct and simple dispensation of food waste within a 55-gal barrel.

A metering forward and reverse 220V motor in-built within the large hopper pushes the waste into thrashing chamber for pulverization that moves from the chamber to the barrel. Each 55gal barrel can accommodate 500 lb of food waste.

The hopper channels the materials down the thrashing chamber. There are no moving blades, while replaceable chain walls are provided for effective pulverization. Safety switches can be activated when the hopper leaves the thrashing chamber, ensuring safe operation.

The Bokashicycle culture mix is available for supplementing the compost prior to entering the machine. This method ferments the food waste that subsequently reaches the farm for soil restoration.

Soil restoration effectively reduces soil and crop damage during drought, thereby improving the soil's organic content.

The machine ensures simple maintenance, and is being offered with a powder-coated and galvanized tread/platform access to the hopper. This user-friendly machine allows the waste materials to simply be accumulated within the hopper with no blow back.



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