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Broward Cities Establish New Model of Responsible Waste Management

Forward-looking Broward cities are establishing a new model of responsible waste management. Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Davie and Miramar are taking the lead, introducing value added environmental stewardship that not only benefits their residents financially, but also improves their environment, reclaims valuable resources, creates economic opportunity and reduces the necessity for new and unwelcome landfills.

Broward County’s landfills are overflowing with noxious materials that offend the senses and are potentially hazardous to citizens. It’s a problem that will only get worse as nearly two tons of additional solid waste is created every year for each resident of the state. Inevitably, this will require more landfills be opened to meet the demand, especially if the County continues to recycle only 24% of its waste as it did in 2011.

The State of Florida has recognized the necessity and the benefits of recycling; passing the Energy, Climate Change, and Economic Security Act of 2008 that set a statewide recycling goal of 75% by the year 2020.

“Shifting toward greater recycling is a good decision for our community,” says Commissioner Dan Daley of Coral Springs. “We are reducing costs for our citizens and protecting our environment. Our move toward achieving the state’s recycling goal will benefit all of our residents today and in the future.”

Visionary city commissioners are answering this challenge with courageous actions that position their cities as part of the solution. Taking advantage of the county-wide negotiations for a new solid waste disposal contract, cities are not only reaping the benefits of a newly competitive market to provide their citizens with lower rates for the first time in 25-years, they are seeking out partners that will bring new technologies to bear to greatly improve the scale of recycling in their municipalities.

“With new programs to recycle landscaping debris, bulk trash and construction materials costs will be brought down for our residents and businesses while having the added benefit of protecting our environment,” said Commissioner Lisa K. Aronson of Coconut Creek.

These Broward cities have established new business relationships with Sun Bergeron, providing them the capacity to achieve the statewide recycling goal well before 2020. Currently, Sun Bergeron is the only solid waste disposal provider that brings the combination of technology, experience and business model to achieve 75% recycling for Broward County and its municipalities.

“It has long been the goal of the City of Coral Springs to increase the amount of recycling,” says Coral Springs Commissioner Claudette Bruck. “It is simply the responsible thing to do now…and for our future. To be able to accomplish this with Sun Bergeron and save money at the same time is a win-win situation. To be able to recycle construction materials, bulk trash, landscape debris is a valuable contribution to the future of our planet.”

The actions taken by the commissioners of Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Davie and Miramar are a clear recognition that their accountability lies not only in the financial health of their community, but also to the health and quality of life of their citizens.

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