Modern Gas Turbine Systems - New Publication on Fuel Flexible Power Generation

Modern gas turbine power plants represent one of the mostefficient and economic conventional power generation technologiessuitable for large-scale and smaller scale applications.

Alongside this, gas turbine systems operate with low emissionsand are more flexible in their operational characteristics than otherlarge-scale generation units such as steam cycle plants. Gas turbinesare unrivalled in their superior power density (power-to-weight) andare thus the prime choice for industrial applications where size andweight matter the most.

Developments in the field look to improve on this performance,aiming at higher efficiency generation, lower emission systems and morefuel-flexible operation to utilise lower-grade gases, liquid fuels, andgasified solid fuels/biomass. Modern gas turbine systems provides acomprehensive review of gas turbine science and engineering.

The first part of the book provides an overview of gas turbinetypes, applications and cycles. Part two moves on to explore majorcomponents of modern gas turbine systems including compressors,combustors and turbogenerators. Finally, the operation and maintenanceof modern gas turbine systems is discussed in part three. The sectionincludes chapters on performance issues and modelling, the maintenanceand repair of components and fuel flexibility.

Modern Gas Turbine Systems Published by Woodhead Publishing.

Modern gas turbine systems is atechnical resource for power plant operators, industrial engineersworking with gas turbine power plants and researchers, scientists andstudents interested in the field.

Dr Peter Jansohn is Manager at the Combustion ResearchLaboratory, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland.

Modern gas turbine systems: Research and development (ISBN 9781 84569 728 0) is published at £210.00/ US$355.00/ €250.00 (plusp&p) by Woodhead Publishing is a leadinginternational publisher of Energy and Environmental Technology books.

Review copies of Modern gas turbine systems: Research anddevelopment and all other Woodhead Publishing Conventional Power booksare available on request. Free catalogues providing full details of ourtitles are available from Woodhead Publishing.

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