IT's Critical Role in Intelligent Energy Connectivity

California may be at the epicenter of an electric power and energy crisis, but the region's expertise in information technology (IT) may also be at the center of a global solution.

More than 150 industry and academic energy experts will gather at ConnectivityWeek 2008 at the Santa Clara Convention Center from May 20 - 22 to highlight what Silicon Valley does best: use information technology to solve complex business and social issues.

"Information and networking technology combined with sensors and a host of smart devices like home appliances, HVAC/R products and factory-automation tools can be linked in new and efficient ways to foster energy sustainability and reduce our dependence on fossil energy," said Anto Budiardjo, president and CEO of Clasma Events Inc., the organizer of ConnectivityWeek 2008.

While the main focus of ConnectivityWeek 2008 is using IT to more efficiently create, distribute and employ energy, the event is made up of seven related conferences and trade shows, each concentrated on a different aspect of intelligent energy connectivity:

  • BuilConn: Deployment of IT for buildings.
  • HomeConn: Smart meters and smart energy appliances.
  • IndComm: Industrial Automation in the use of connectivity and industrial applications.
  • DR-Expo: New strategies for building owners and building automation stakeholders to relieve stress on North America's electricity grid.
  • GridWise: Managing a smart grid electricity system from generation to consumption.
  • Zigbee Expo: Creating a standard for wireless mesh networking.
  • M2M Expo: Implementation of machine-to-machine technology.

Just as the Industrial Revolution created complex mechanical goods on a large scale by forming innovative factory procedures, and the Information Revolution provided on-demand information through Web pages, videos and interactive software, this "Energy Revolution" is fueling another developing market demand: to conserve our energy sources by using renewable energy efficiently.

ConnectivityWeek 2008, produced by Clasma Events Inc., is being held in partnership with the Platinum sponsor Constellation Energy. The events at ConnectivityWeek 2008 will focus on connectivity as a critical element to the success of IT-driven resourceful energy use. For more information, to register for the show, or to arrange an interview with key speakers, call 617.742.7270 or visit

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