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SES to Introduce Advanced Fluidized Bed Gasification System at 2014 Gasification Technologies Conference

Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. (SES), a global energy and gasification technology company enabling clean, high-value energy and chemical products from multiple feedstocks, today will introduce its latest state-of-the-art SES' XL3000 advanced fluidized bed gasification system at the 2014 Gasification Technologies Conference in Washington, D.C. SES' XL3000 product offering provides higher syngas capacity and delivery pressure with lower specific capital costs, while maintaining SES' proven capability of high carbon to syngas conversion ratios with high syngas generation efficiency on both high and low quality coals.

SES President and CEO, Robert W. Rigdon, will announce the company's newest product line extension during his morning conference presentation, which will include his views on the state of the industry and the potentially large global opportunity for gasification technologies to meet the energy demands of the developing and newly industrializing regions of the world.

"Clean, economic and sustainable energy is especially critical for the many regions of the world where development is needed to improve life and deliver basic needs such as reliable power, running water and improved agriculture. These newly industrializing regions need growth with blue skies. Today's technologies, such as gasification, provide the opportunity to skip-over older, outdated and dirty energy and chemical generation technologies as the GDP in those regions accelerates," said Rigdon. "SES' XL3000 gasification system is an evolution of technology from our existing operating plants and is specifically targeted in size and operating parameters to deliver economical synthesis gas from virtually any coal, including prevalent low quality, low cost coal which is largely untapped due to previous technology barriers. We believe gasification has a big role to play in growth with blue skies and the XL3000 gasification system is an important step forward with unique technology capability for cleanly and economically opening up vast low cost coal resources for future clean energy and chemical projects."

SES' XL3000 robust design is capable of transforming global coal resources, ranging from higher quality coals to the lowest quality, low cost coals (including low rank, high ash and high moisture coals, and lignite), into valuable synthesis gas. The XL3000 gasification system is targeted to provide broad-ranging syngas delivery capability with efficiency and economy in performance to meet the needs of the wide range of the world's syngas projects: distributed power, direct reduced iron (DRI) steelmaking, industrial chemicals, fertilizers, synthetic natural gas, and transportation fuels. XL3000 features approximately 250% higher syngas capacity than previous SES designs with delivery pressures up to 55 bar pressure, driving lower specific capital costs per unit.

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