Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Certificates Neutralize EnerNOC’s 2007 Carbon Footprint

EnerNOC, Inc., a leading developer and provider of clean and intelligent energy solutions, today announced that the Company has completed the purchase of carbon offsets and renewable energy credits and has renewed its carbon neutral status as part of its ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship.

“As providers of clean energy solutions and conservation strategies, working to protect the environment is at the very core of our values as a company, and it’s important that we live that commitment on a daily basis across our organization,” commented David Brewster, EnerNOC’s president. “EnerNOC is a rapidly growing company, and we want to make sure that we continue to expand in an environmentally conscious way.”

EnerNOC calculated its carbon footprint by analyzing the environmental impact of business operations such as executive and employee business travel, staff commutes, and paper and electricity consumption. EnerNOC also calculated and included the emissions from backup generators utilized in EnerNOC’s demand response programs.

“The comprehensive analysis of our carbon footprint not only gives us the tools we need to make decisions about how to offset our environmental impact, but it also gives us the critical information we need to operate in a more environmentally-efficient manner going forward,” continued Brewster.

EnerNOC’s carbon offsets funded the installation of a methane combustion system at a dairy farm in Pennsylvania. Methane is a greenhouse gas that is over 20 times more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide (CO2). In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the system captures the methane and pipes it into an electric generator that is then used to heat and power the farm.

EnerNOC procured its carbon offset project from 3Degrees, a national renewable energy marketing and development company that holds the U.S. Department of Energy 2007 Green Power Leadership Award for its significant impact on carbon reductions and sales of renewable energy. The project was purchased via EnerNOC Exchange™, a reverse-auction system that allows energy suppliers to compete for a potential customer’s business in a real-time online environment. For the purchase of its renewable energy certificates, EnerNOC partnered with Community Energy, Inc, a supplier of renewable energy and wind-generated electricity.

EnerNOC deliberately chose to purchase 50 percent of its Green-e® certified clean energy credits and its carbon offset project from within regions in which it directly operates. EnerNOC provides demand response and energy management solutions across North America in regions including New England, the Mid-Atlantic, California, Texas, New York, New Mexico, and Florida, as well as in Ontario, Canada.

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